A little perspective...

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Which led me to the magic of the brain...

It's neuro-plastic
It's moldeable, pliable, and switch-up-able anytime you choose
You are NEVER "too old" or "too fargone" to re-wire your brain.

"What gets fired together...gets wired together"

Imagine THIS...

Until eventually...

When we walk a certain path, neurons get 'fired and wired' together.

 When we no longer walk the path, the neurons no longer fire together.

The world is your oyster!

The Magic of the Brain (and what to look out for)

The Sympathetic Vs. Parasympathetic Nervous System

**Reciprocal Inhibition** 

(made simple):

When one turns ON, the other has to turn OFF

Your 'Social' Brain

**The part of the brain that houses the majority of our EMOTIONAL pain receptors and PHYSICAL pain receptors AND the part of the brain that's responsible for numbing, distracting, binging, avoiding (mindless habits like eating, Netflixing, binging Instagram, compulsive shopping, etc)***

The 5 Ingredients of Self-Imaging

Self Acceptance
Self Care
Self Esteem
Self Worth
Self Endorsement
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Carrie Nyssen

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"This whole thing was an INTERNAL job, and now food is finally just food. It’s no longer my source of comfort or shame. But it was so much more than the food….I was in an internal war with myself, and it was a hateful, mean-spirited, vicious war. And now that's just not who I am anymore."

Suzanne Graney

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