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Get There Easier, Stay There Longer, And Enjoy It MUCH More By Changing 
Nothing More Than Your Thoughts






Frequently Asked Questions:



I feel like I’ve tried every diet under the sun, and nothing has worked…why would this be any different?


You’re right! Diet’s DON’T work!


Whenever a woman comes to us that’s tried everything, it’s always been a food-based approach, a restriction-based approach, or using the ‘diet mentality’ (or ‘weight loss mentality’) — which in turns makes the problem even WORSE!


Most approaches take you in the direction of restriction, deprivation, obsession, or complication….or cause you to constantly weigh, measure, track, or account for your food. All of which cause you to OBSESS over food even more.


Not to mention that most programs are designed to give you short-term results, but only while you’re living inside that weight loss ‘bubble’.

We take a completely different approach that’s designed with the end in mind:  To heal you from the diet mentality and give you a system of thinking that sets you free FOREVER…so you NEVER have to deal with this again!


We do this by swimming ‘upstream’ to where your problem actually lives: the mind and the brain.  


Unlike dieting or other food-based approaches that get HARDER the more you practice it (and you get WORSE at it the more you practice it), we swim ‘upstream’ and change the thinking that’s causing you to eat the way you are and feel the way you’re feeling.


We are going to rewire your brain for FREEDOM by giving you a new language to speak around food — one that you get BETTER at it the more you practice it, and it gets EASIER the more you practice it.


It’s the difference between constantly putting fires out day after day VS. finding the source of the fire and preventing future fires from popping back up. It’s a permanent, life-long, forever solution — not a temporary fix.

I’m worried about money. How do I know my investment is worth it?


Let’s do a little bit of a check-in here: What has this struggle ALREADY cost you? How much of your time, energy, heart, and soul are you spending thinking about food? How much of your life are you missing out on because you’re feeling uncomfortable in your own skin or disconnected from your body?


And so what we talking about is getting your health back and healing your relationship with food…but what we are REALLY talking about is getting your life back!


I’m going to show you step-by-step how to stop wasting money on frivolous diets so that you can STOP paying for things that don’t work or that actually make things worse!


But here’s what we also know:


💰 We know that statistically the average binge-eater spends $5000/year on drive-thrus, Starbucks, and comfort foods.

💰 We know that statistically the average dieter spends $4000/year on food that they buy and end up throwing away.

💰 We know that statistically 1 Year of Therapy (going 1/Week) will cost you $5200/year...and that’s IF it even works and solves the problem.


That’s $14,200 in one year alone! Over the course of 10 years, that’s $142,000!


Here’s the other side of it…


I am not here to convince you or persuade you or “sell you” on whether or not to INVEST to solve this massive struggle in your life.


But here’s what I can do…


I literally went and asked some Stressless Eating graduates the following question:


“Why was Stressless Eating worth the investment for you? (The program was not a ‘cheap’ program — so why was it worth it, and how did the investment actually HELP you show up in the program?)”


Here were just a few of the responses:


“I have spent thousands of dollars and lost and gained hundreds of pounds. This investment is one that will eliminate the needs to invest in any diet program, ever again. For me, this program has given me the secret to making my life work — not just making food work. And that is priceless. Stressless Eating is not another quick fix– it digs deep and solves the problem. My only regret is not doing this sooner!”




“I am as thrifty as the next person. As a coach myself, I’m very focused on self improvement, but I’m very selective about paying large amounts of money for a coaching program. I have to really believe in it. The Stressless Eating Program with Leanne as my coach was worth every penny and more! Leanne has a generous and loving way of moving me through the steps at my own pace and in a way that was absolutely customized to MY issues, to MY doubts, and to MY hesitations and blocks, and this was absolutely essential to the transformation that I’ve made. Honestly, if she had simply given me access to all the amazing materials, that alone might have made me feel like it was worth the investment. But her guidance in using the tools was absolutely priceless. When things got busy or life got in the way, remembering that I had made this investment in myself was definitely helpful in getting me back on track.”




“In one way it was a hard decision as I had NEVER spent that kind of money on a program or coaching. But in another way I knew I had to do something radical to get radically different results. The financial investment actually helped me show up. because I could not afford to NOT complete the program (emotionally AND financially). Once I made the decision to sign up, I never had any regrets. From Day 1 I knew that this was unlike anything I’d ever tried before. It works if you work it!”



How much individual attention will I get? Nothing I’ve tried has given me support


You’re right! Most programs completely ignore your need for support, love, and (perhaps) a little hand-holding along the way.


And that’s why the support elements of Stressless Eating are what really separates this program from the rest, and it’s the glue that brings it all together.


Remember you’re here because you tried doing it on your own, and you know you need help — you know you need support.


But also you can’t solve an emotional problem with intellect alone. You’re going to hit some emotional road blocks along the way, and that’s why there’s multiple elements of support to make sure you get what you need.


1. Weekly Coaching Calls


Every single week, there is a live Q&A call. You’ll dial in, you get on the phone with me ask me anything you need. I keep working with you until you get and you’re clear. Nothing is left to chance. Whatever you need, I’ll be there to feed it to you. 


2. Unlimited 1-on-1 Coaching Through The Help Desk


I didn’t want you to have to wait until the next week’s call for support, so in between the Q&A calls there’s a big turquoise button in the member area that says “HELP”.


You click that button and you can send in any question and ask me anything you want. So anytime, no matter where you are or how stuck you are, I’ll always be there to help you….because I know how crucial support really is for this journey.


The point being: The Support you get along the way is truly the key to this all coming together. Talk about accountability: You and I (and the voices in your head of course!) will be immersed in new conversation and way of being, and we are going to work together 1-on-1 to ensure that you get everything that you need.


You’re never alone. You’re always supported.


All you have to do is show up: Show up open-minded, open-hearted, committed and coachable. The rest will take care of itself. 🙂

So I sign up and pay for the program…then what?


Great question!


Here’s how it works:


When you go to register, you’ll see on the registration page that it asks you to choose your start date for the program…



We strategically set it up that way so that you can set aside 6 weeks of your life and dedicate your heart, soul, and focus to the program…and we can get down to business to heal this problem FOR GOOD!


The day before your start date, you’ll get access to our password-protected Stressless Eating members-only site.


You’ll get immediate access to the “Getting Started” section which will walk you through everything you need to know (and how to utilize the tools and coaching)step-by-step.


Everything is laid out for you ingredient-by-ingredient, just like following a recipe.


24 hours after you initially log in, Module 1 will automatically unlock for you, and then every 7 days thereafter, a new module will unlock.


We did this purposefully so that you can go at your OWN pace, you don’t get overwhelmed, and we can solve this one piece at a time (so we can get you to YOUR version of food freedom FASTER.)


Then all you have to do is follow the steps as they are outlined for you, show up for the coaching calls, reach out for support on the Help Desk, and simply COMMIT yourself wholeheartedly to this process.


Again, if you simply show up open-minded, open-hearted, committed, and coachable, the rest will take care of itself. 🙂

How much time per week do I need to dedicate to this?


Great question!


Remember: Each week was designed for you to get:


The INFORMATION you need to create new understanding and the necessary shifts in your thinking.


You’ll need to dedicate about 1 hour per week to educate yourself and take yourself through the lessons so that we can “un-brainwash” you of the diet mentality…and give you a new ‘kool-aid’ to drink.


Don’t worry though — we’ve broken it down into easy-to-digest chunks that are typically in 20-minute increments (so you can schedule it and break it up according to your schedule).


The IMPLEMENTATION side of things where we look ‘underneath the hood’ and find out what this looks like for you to implement these concepts into YOUR life and what you need to do to address your needs.


You’ll need to dedicate 30-60 minutes per week to the exploration exercises. Some weeks it is actually a bit less than that. But again, you can schedule this according to your schedule.


And then of course…


The support for the INTEGRATION side of things – living this out in the real world – putting it into practice (and that is the part where you are going to need some support, some guidance, and perhaps a little hand-holding while you learn and integrate, and that’s where I come in.)


Every single Wednesday at 11am CST (9am PST, 12pm EST) there is a LIVE coaching call with me. The calls will also be recorded. These calls usually runs 60-90 minutes, but I never get off until every question is answered and every woman is served. Ask any one of my clients: These calls are MAGICAL!  🌟🌠✨


You can either come to the call LIVE, or you can send in your questions (and I’ll answer them on the call), and you can plan on listening to the recording.


BOTH ways of connecting to the coaching will get you the results, but you MUST commit to doing one of them (or BOTH for extra awesomeness!)


Then of course you also get unlimited access to me over on the Help Desk, so the sky is the limit with how much support you want and need.



Now here’s the best part: Everything else you learn will be shifts in your THINKING. What that means for you is that you won’t need to spend any more TIME implementing what you’re learning. You’ll simply be walking around with new ‘goggles’ while you go live your life — no extra time needed. How cool is that?


Bottom Line: You’ll need to dedicate a minimum of 3 hours per week to really get the maximal results of Stressless Eating.


But when you think about it… isn’t investing 3 hours per week to create a LIFETIME of freedom one heck of a return on your time?!


Yea…we think so too! 😊

Can I still drink alcohol or go out to a pizza dinner on this program?




Remember: the goal outcome of the Stressless Eating program is FREEDOM!🙌


We want you to be able to live your life, let food just be food, and feel like YOU are in the driver’s seat of your decisions.




It’s the difference between mindfully and intentionally eating a couple pieces of pizza because you CHOOSE to




Stuffing your face with 3 or 4 pieces because you “couldn’t control yourself”…and then beating yourself up, or dealing with endless amounts of guilt, blame, or shame


…and then of course marking it a “failure”, eating with care-free abandonment from there on out because you already “messed up”, and getting to the point where you simply can’t stand how you’re feeling one day longer…and back to the diet-cycle you go.


THAT is the cycle we want you to get OFF of.


It’s not the pizza or the cookie that’s the problem. It’s who you’re BEING while you’re eating it (and the version of you making the decisions!)


THAT is what we want to transform so that you CAN eat that cookie without guilt!


Because if loving warm, chocolate-chip cookies is wrong, we don’t wanna be right! 🍪 🍕 🍩 🍔 🍷 🍦

Get Off the Diet Roller Coaster Once and For All.

(So you can finally stop worrying, obsessing, and stressing about food
and be done with dieting forever.)


“I spent all my life – either woefully overweight, or woefully thinking I was overweight — desperately seeking help to get the weight off. I used food to comfort and to numb out. When nothing else was there to comfort me, food was always there. I didn’t like my body, and there was a huge disconnect between my mind, my body, and my spirit.

I have spent thousands of dollars and lost (and gained) hundreds of pounds.  Every other program I’ve ever done has always been about the food – and about measuring, and about restrictions. No other program ever addressed what was happening within me, and the constant conflict between my mind and my body. The investment in Stressless Eating is one that will eliminate the needs to invest in any diet program, ever again. I almost can’t remember where I was before I started the program – the transformation has been that dramatic.”

Carrie Nyssen

Carrie Nyssen


“The focus of Stressless Eating was totally different.  I’ve done all the weight-loss programs. I’ve tortured myself with gym memberships that I hated, punished my body for not stepping in line, punished myself for being “weak-willed” or “gluttonous” or “lazy”.  None of that is true.

This program was about self-love. Stressless Eating is about healing; healing relationships, with yourself first (and thereby others); healing your thinking so that you always have a tool available to shift your perspective in a positive way and healing (and therefore banishing) that inner voice that is always tearing you down. I speak much more kindly to myself now….even when I AM having the second slice of pizza.”

Renee Martin

Renee Martin

A Step-By-Step Strategy For Re-wiring Your Brain To
Permanently Conquer Binge-Eating, Emotional Eating, and Self-Sabotage.

Without needing years of therapy or opening up
an emotional “can of worms” to do it!