Turn OFF the Part of Your Brain OBSESSED With Food!

A non-diet, non-therapy approach to healing your relationship with food & your body
(so you never have to play "food police" again.)

If you have a stressful, emotional, or obsessive relationship with food, I can promise you this:

You don't need a new 'kick butt' workout plan. And you certainly don't need another diet.

You need a new way of THINKING.

Stressless Eating™ was created to help modern-day women on a body transformation journey get there easier, stay there forever, and enjoy it MUCH more by merely changing her thoughts.

Because what you THINK really is more important than what you DO.

(And you cannot out-diet, out-perform, or out-smart your RELATIONSHIP with food ...and the wiring in your brain.)

I have  been there  , and I can help.  This isn't just me spewing information at you. As you'll learn,  I was stuck in my own  food and body prison for DECADES  , and I know how to help you get out of yours

Stressless Eating Was Designed To Teach You What I Now Know.

My struggle with my weight started when I was taken to Weight Watchers at 8 years old, and I carried it all with me into adulthood ... at one point reaching nearly 250 pounds.

Then through some of the right ways (and a lot of the wrong ways!), I lost close to 100 pounds and made over my life. But because I never addressed the root cause of my struggles, I was left with disordered eating, a horrible self-image and body image and an addiction-like relationship to food and sugar.

The day came that I finally realized I was NEVER going to be able to out-diet or out-willpower my deeper problems, so I re-wired my brain and FINALLY healed from the 'brain damage' of chronic dieting,

Now I teach other women how to FINALLY get off that all-or-nothing diet roller coaster and heal their relationship with food...but WITHOUT all that restriction, obsession, and shame...and without needing years of ‘therapy’ to do so.

Leanne Ellington

Author & Creator, Stressless Eating


Get A Sneak Peek Behind-The Scenes of Stressless Eating: 

Turn OFF the Part of Your Brain OBSESSED With Food!

Crack the Code of Self-Sabotage & Permanently Conquer Emotional Eating

...WITHOUT restriction, punishing your body, or subjecting yourself to years of therapy.

(and definitely WITHOUT ever having to use words like macros, low-carb, or calorie burn)

"I have spent thousands of dollars and lost (and gained) hundreds of pounds. Every other program I’ve ever done has always been about the food – and about measuring, and about restrictions. No other program ever addressed what was happening within ME, and the constant conflict between my mind and my body."

Carrie Nyssen

"My life is unrecognizable from when I started. By this I mean that my EXTERNAL life hasn’t changed; I live in the same house with my husband and kids etc.... BUT my internal world is completely different. I feel deeply connected to myself and who I am…"

Tanith Lee

"This whole thing was an INTERNAL job, and now food is finally just food. It’s no longer my source of comfort or shame. But it was so much more than the food….I was in an internal war with myself, and it was a hateful, mean-spirited, vicious war. And now that's just not who I am anymore."

Suzanne Graney

Get There Easier, Stay There Longer, And Enjoy It MUCH More By Changing Nothing More Than Your Thoughts

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