Turn OFF the Part of Your Brain OBSESSED With Food!

Crack the Code of Self-Sabotage & Permanently Conquer Emotional Eating

...WITHOUT restriction, punishing your body, or subjecting yourself to years of therapy.

(and definitely WITHOUT ever having to use words like macros, low-carb, or calorie burn)

 Did you know?

After years of chronic dieting, a unique kind of "brain damage" takes place in a woman's brain that often goes undiagnosed, because it's DISGUISED as being "health-conscious" or "watching what you eat".

In fact, 75% of American women suffer with Disordered Eating, but don't even know it's 'a thing'.

Well... It's a BIG thing. 

(And dieting just makes it WORSE)

That's why: if you have a stressful, emotional, or obsessive relationship with food, I can promise you this:

You don't need a new 'kick butt' workout plan. And you certainly don't need another diet.

You need a new way of THINKING.

Because what you THINK really is more important than what you DO.

And you cannot  out-diet  out-perform , or  out-smart  your RELATIONSHIP to food...and the wiring in your brain

What I'll teach in this behind-the-scenes preview has (up until now) been kept under lock-and-key for my private clients...

My SUPER-SIMPLE non-diet, non-therapy approach you can use right away to heal your relationship with food & your body (so you never have to play "food police" again.)
How to leverage the power of Brain Psychology to STOP binge eating, mindless eating, and emotional eating in its tracks -- even if you have tendencies to "eat your feelings" or are a self-proclaimed "sugar addict".
Why spending MORE time and energy thinking about food, thinking about your body, and trying to 'control' yourself is the slowest, most tedious, and most ineffective way to overcome your longest-running habits (and the 'backwards' strategy that actually speeds things up)...
How my clients STOP using food, Netflix binges, mindless Instagram scrolling (or whatever their ‘drug of choice’ is) when they are bored, overwhelmed, or sad...and the alternate approach they used to cope with their emotions instead. 
Teach your brain how to do the heavy-lifting FOR you: The systematic framework that allows my clients to go from compulsive dieting and endless yo-yo-ing to complete food freedom -- WITHOUT depriving themselves, restricting themselves, or focusing on food 24 hours a day...

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I've been there, and I can help...

I'm Leanne Ellington, and my struggle with my weight started when I was taken to Weight Watchers at 8 years old, and I carried it all with me into adulthood ... at one point reaching nearly 250 pounds.

Then through some of the right ways (and a lot of the wrong ways), I lost close to 100 pounds and made over my life. 

But because I never addressed the root cause of my struggles, I was left with disordered eating, a horrible self-image and body image and an addiction-like relationship to food and sugar.

The day came that I finally realized I was NEVER going to be able to out-diet or out-willpower my deeper problems, so I re-wired my brain and FINALLY healed from the 'brain damage' of chronic dieting,

Now I teach other women how to FINALLY get off that all-or-nothing diet roller coaster and heal their relationship with food...but WITHOUT all that restriction, obsession, and shame...and without needing years of ‘therapy’ to do so.

And I've laid it ALL out for you in this training. 

"Because if loving warm chocolate chip cookies is wrong, I don't wanna be right.”

Once you understand the systematic approach I'm going to share with you in this behind-the-scenes preview....

You'll understand why years (or decades!) of dieting efforts have been in vain, and how you're not REALLY a 'self-sabotager'...

...your brain simply got wired for FAILURE....and you can re-wire it for SUCCESS any time you choose!

Watch it NOW:

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