A non-diet, non-therapy approach to healing your relationship with food & your body (so you never have to play "food police" again.)

Here’s what my clients are saying about it:
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Carol's Case Study
This Life-Long Dieter Healed Her Anxiety & Found Freedom In The Middle Of A Pandemic
Carley's Case Study
This 24-year old Healed Her Struggles Early On, and REFUSED To Let Them Follow Her
Suzanne's Case Study
Food Freedom and Self-Love in MONTHS instead of YEARS
Anita's Case Study
She Ditched The Shame Of Bariatric Surgery and Finally Healed The REAL Problem
Erin's Case Study
She Ditched The "Not Enough Time" Excuse And Finally Got Her Life Back
Julie's Case Study
Years of Over-Exercising and Restrictive Dieting…to Healing and Peace-of-Mind.
Jerry's Case Study
Jerry Healed Decades Of Food & Body Struggles & Finally Learned To LOVE Herself
Jessica's Case Study
In The Midst Of A Divorce, She Food Freedom & Started Over In MONTHS Instead of Years 
Susan's Case Study
How This 54-Year Old Therapist Got Her Life Back& Broke Free From A 40-Year PRISON!
Jenna's Case Study
How A Full Time Working Mom Ditched Her Skepticism To Find Freedom & Self Love
Lisa A's Case Study
A 62-year Old Woman Found Life Again After Losing Her Husband & Got Her Groove Back
Nicole's Case Study
This Soon-To-Be Bride STOPPED The Shame Spiral & Finally Learned Self-Acceptance
Lisa S's Case Study
How A Full Time Working Mom Ditched Her Skepticism To Find Freedom & Self Love
Heather's Case Study
How This Life-Long Dieter Found Freedom In The Middle Of A Pandemic

"I have spent thousands of dollars and lost (and gained) hundreds of pounds. Every other program I’ve ever done has always been about the food – and about measuring, and about restrictions. No other program ever addressed what was happening within ME, and the constant conflict between my mind and my body."

Carrie Nyssen

"This whole thing was an INTERNAL job, and now food is finally just food. It’s no longer my source of comfort or shame. But it was so much more than the food….I was in an internal war with myself, and it was a hateful, mean-spirited, vicious war. And now that's just not who I am anymore."

Suzanne Graney

The truth is: you can’t out-diet, out-smart, or out-willpower your self-image.

You’ll always end up back in alignment with the wiring in your brain.

And if your brain is wired to crave and obsess over food…

The real enemy isn’t food.

It’s your thinking and the way it makes you feel. They shape your self-image and self-talk and cause your unhappiness.

It’s what I call the weight of the weight. And it’s the OPPOSITE of freedom.

But all that can change with Stressless Eating.

Just read what some of my clients have to say:

Re-Wiring Your Brain And Healing Your Relationship With Food Is The ONLY WAY To Escape the Never-Ending Diet Spiral You're On Once and For All.

That is how you...

 stop the cycle of restriction, deprivation, stress, and OBSESSION, and stop playing a losing game.

Because I can promise you THIS (and I have a feeling that deep down you know it too…)

You don't need a new 'kick butt' workout plan. And you certainly don't need another diet.

You need a new way of thinking 

Because what you THINK really is more important than what you DO.

(And you cannot out-diet, out-perform, or out-smart your RELATIONSHIP with food ...and the wiring in your brain.)

“The focus of Stressless Eating was totally different. I’ve done all the weight-loss programs. I’ve tortured myself with gym memberships that I hated, punished my body for not stepping in line, punished myself for being “weak-willed” or “gluttonous” or “lazy”. None of that is true. This program was about self-love. Stressless Eating is about healing"

Renee M

It's time for a new approach.

(Because the old way is not working)

Focus on the SYMPTOMS

Focus on FOOD

Focus on your BODY

Focus on your THOUGHTS

Focus on your BRAIN

Focus on your NERVOUS SYSTEM (Physical. Mental. Emotional)

End the CYCLE. Heal the PROBLEM

It's time to learn the language of

that is how you ditch the drama and

 Break the Chains Of: 

Stress-induced cravings and "eating your feelings" in cookie dough

Self-criticism, comparison-itus, and inner “smack-talking” voices.

Playing ‘food police’ 24 hours a day.


Stress eating

Mindless eating

Emotional eating

 but without: 

Crazy-rigid rules

Chronic deprivation

Force-feeding yourself brussel sprouts

Eye-rolling self-affirmations

"My life is unrecognizable from when I started. By this I mean that my EXTERNAL life hasn’t changed; I live in the same house with my husband and kids etc.... BUT my internal world is completely different. I feel deeply connected to myself and who I am…"

Tanith Lee

Get There Easier, Stay There Longer, And Enjoy It MUCH More By Changing Nothing More Than Your Thoughts

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