Follow the Steps Below To Recalibrate or Get Yourself Grounded (Or If You Ever Feel Lost, Confused, Overwhelmed Or Have A Minor Freak Out!) 🙂

(WATCH THIS FIRST): How To Handle A Set Back

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Step 1: 

Go back to the very beginning -- before you even enrolled in this journey and this process. Go back to the 5 shifts that got you here in the first place and remind yourself why you are here and what this journey IS (and what it is NOT).

Shift 1: Ditch the Fight
Shift 2: Ditch the Bitch
Shift 3: Ditch the Stress
Shift 4: Ditch the Waiting
Shift 5: Don't Do This ALONE.

Step 2: 

Go back to ritualizing your success by following the steps laid out for you in the Daily Ritual videos. Remember, we must take RADICAL OWNERSHIP of our state, our thoughts, and the words we are using to talk TO ourselves and ABOUT ourselves. The steps laid out in this process will steer you back to a winning mindset...but only if you actually DO it.

“Operation Self-Esteem: Day Fucking One.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Removing the ‘Weeds’ and Planting New Seeds

Step 3: 

Think back to the last time you felt powerful, in 'control', and like things were flowing. What was THAT success recipe? What were you doing? What were you NOT doing? How engaged were you in this process? How much mindful and aware were you? Then think about what's present in the 'recipe' of your current state: What's THAT recipe? Start noticing the difference between the two recipes, and immediately shift yourself back to your winning recipe. (Example below...)

"Success leaves clues."

Freedom Recipe Example

"I was writing in my brag/gratitude journal every day"
"I was using the 'Freedom Goggles' as I went about my day"
"I was reading instead of wasting time on Facebook"
"I was doing 5 minutes of stretching and breathing before bed"
"When I stumbled, I was focusing on SOLUTIONS instead of PROBLEMS"

Resistance Recipe Example

"I am skipping my daily mindset work (brag/gratitude)"
"I'm not using any of my new 'goggles' and am not practicing my new awarenesses"
"I am watching a lot of Netflix and mindless Facebook-ing"
"I'm focusing on my weight and worrying about calories."
"When I stumbled, I was focusing on PROBLEMS instead of SOLUTIONS...and going down the rabbit hole of negativity"

Step 4: 

GET THE SUPPORT YOU NEED! Remember, there are NO stupid questions. Don't 'suffer in silence' if you're struggling. Ask for clarity IMMEDIATELY if you become aware you're stuck or struggling so that we can get you unstuck and smiling sooner rather than later, ok? You're not in this alone... so don't act like you are. Let's do this!

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